Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here's a fun story I ran across today. Panda moms can't reproduce every year because birthing and raising a little panda is just too exhausting. The Duggards should take a note!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the beginning...


Well, here we are. The inaugural blog entry! I'm such a follower - a firm believer of the "everyone else is doing it" philosophy. Hey, it's gotten me where I am today: law school survivor, married, corporate job, and recently, a baby on the way!

What's in it for you?
I thought I would use this blog to document the trials and joys of my pregnancy. Hopefully some or all of you out there can relate to this life journey of mine. I'm a little late to the game, sitting here typing with my pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned at 15 weeks along, so I'll just give a brief recap of the previous 14 weeks of my "condition".

Pregnancy Weeks 1-14:
    • Week 1: Checked out a new super-trendy bar in KC - free drinks!
    • Week 2: Beerfest in Milwaukee
    • Week 3: Beerfest in Kansas
    • Week 4: The red dot never came. Peed on stick. Holy crap! Now what???
    • Week 5: Denial
    • Week 6: Denial
    • Week 7: Doctor. Yep, I'm pregnant! Regretting activities in weeks 1,2 and 3.
    • Week 8: Throw up. Halloween. How to attend costume party and not drink so that no one knows I'm not drinking? Easier than I thought.
    • Week 9: Throw up. Hmm, maybe I drank more than I thought I did in my pre-pregnancy life.
    • Week 10: Throw up. Told the parents: Jubilation, joy, and the requesting of the names Nana and Grammy within 5 minutes of knowledge!
    • Week 11: Throw up. Told friends. Lots of hugs and "I knew its!" to go around. Starting to get excited. At least I'm in good company.
    • Week 12: Throw up. Told work. Doctor. Heard the heartbeat! Oh my gosh, it's so real! Told husband not to come to this appointment as surely nothing interesting would happen. Oops! Sorry, Hon.
    • Week 13: Throw up. Clothes not fitting. Not mentally ready to shop in the maternity dept. Considering wearing only sweater dresses from now until June.
    • Week 14: Throw up. Christmas! Lots of food and family. Wore only sweatpants for approximately 6 days.

    Is this blog entry ever going to end?

    • Made it to Week 15! New Year's Eve is tomorrow and I can't wait to break open this bottle of Welch's Sparkling White Grape juice I've been holding onto for the last week. Cheers!