Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paradise Lost (and found)!

It was back to the grind this week after 5 glorious days in sunny, warm Mexico for a friend's wedding. Matt and I had alot of fun with some of our Lawrence friends as well as other OSU friends. We were all sans-babies and made the most of our "adult" vacation. BUT, it was definitely hard to not see Oliver's smiling little face every day, and at the end of our trip; well, I was ready to be home so I could scoop him up. So, to sum up, the first time away from our little man was a success, but it made Matt and I both realize how much of a fixture Oliver is in our hearts and how happy and complete he makes our family!
We had another winter storm this week, so there is now more snow covering the ground. Someone wake me up when it is flip flop weather. I am so over boots!
Oliver grew up a ton while we were gone, and Grammy and Grandpa were there to see him turn into yet another person (as he seems to do every week). He can now turn himself completely around while in a sitting position, and can pull himself up from sitting to standing on a few occasions. Still no actual crawling but some scooting is beginning to occur....stay tuned for more locomotion updates.
I will leave you with a pic of the beach in front of the resort we stayed at (perfection), as well as a pic of Oliver having fun in front of the mirror.

Friday, February 11, 2011

8 Months!

Oliver is 8 months old today. Matt and I agree that this is the most fun age yet. He is super smiley and chatty and "into" Mommy and Daddy right now.
No crawling yet. He is lunging at everything, and will go from a sitting position into a crawling position, and then just flops down and cries b/c he is on his tummy. While we are trying to help him learn about crawling, I am not exactly forcing the issue. We have done zero baby-proofing around the house and are so not ready for a mobile boy!
Grammy and Grandpa Coles come on Sunday to stay with Oliver while Matt and I are off to Mexico for 5 days. I am super excited to bask in some warm sunshine for a few days, but am a little apprehensive about leaving O for the first time. Viva los abuelos!
No new pictures this week, so I'll leave you with a family photo from the professional photographer we had come for Oliver's 6 month pics. Hasta la vista, amigos!