Friday, February 11, 2011

8 Months!

Oliver is 8 months old today. Matt and I agree that this is the most fun age yet. He is super smiley and chatty and "into" Mommy and Daddy right now.
No crawling yet. He is lunging at everything, and will go from a sitting position into a crawling position, and then just flops down and cries b/c he is on his tummy. While we are trying to help him learn about crawling, I am not exactly forcing the issue. We have done zero baby-proofing around the house and are so not ready for a mobile boy!
Grammy and Grandpa Coles come on Sunday to stay with Oliver while Matt and I are off to Mexico for 5 days. I am super excited to bask in some warm sunshine for a few days, but am a little apprehensive about leaving O for the first time. Viva los abuelos!
No new pictures this week, so I'll leave you with a family photo from the professional photographer we had come for Oliver's 6 month pics. Hasta la vista, amigos!

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