Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ol That's Fall
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We stayed put this year and celebrated our blessings with Grammy & Grandpa and Matt, Emily & Noah Clothier (and soon-to-be-baby-sister). It has been a wonderful fall weather-wise and fun-wise. Below are some pics from a get-together with our friends the Kenkels, where Oliver discovered the joy of things that go vroom. Uh-oh! There is also a video of Oliver going crazy at Alex Kite's 2nd birthday party at the Lawrence Gymnastics Center. He was so wound up!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that October has come and gone? Halloween sure snuck up on us this year. As a result, Oliver was forced to wear some spur-of-the-moment "free" costumes that we kind of scrounged up last minute. For the Stepping Stones Halloween Carnival on Sunday, he went as a baseball player, courtesy of a hand-me-down Charlie Griffith baseball uniform. Sidenote, Oliver is developing quite an arm, and is practicing his pitching with pretty much anything that is not nailed down to the floor.
Grammy & Grandpa Coles were on hand to witness the Carnival Fun, but had to leave on Halloween day. Aunt Meghan was also around Halloween weekend. Mommy & Daddy got into the act (half-heartedly) on Saturday night but couldn't quite convince Meghan to join them as a blue-jean super hero.
For Halloween night, we turned Oliver into "Little O", his rapper name. Yes, he was the littlest Beastie Boy, courtesy of a fun Puma tracksuit that was a gift from Grammy & Grandpa. Add some sunglasses, askew ball cap, and some bling, and he was set. And, for some reason, he kept his sunglasses on almost the whole time we trick-or-treated. That in itself was the real Halloween treat! Enjoy some pics of Oliver's fun with his pals Charlie, Noah and little Samantha Whaley to boot!