Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that October has come and gone? Halloween sure snuck up on us this year. As a result, Oliver was forced to wear some spur-of-the-moment "free" costumes that we kind of scrounged up last minute. For the Stepping Stones Halloween Carnival on Sunday, he went as a baseball player, courtesy of a hand-me-down Charlie Griffith baseball uniform. Sidenote, Oliver is developing quite an arm, and is practicing his pitching with pretty much anything that is not nailed down to the floor.
Grammy & Grandpa Coles were on hand to witness the Carnival Fun, but had to leave on Halloween day. Aunt Meghan was also around Halloween weekend. Mommy & Daddy got into the act (half-heartedly) on Saturday night but couldn't quite convince Meghan to join them as a blue-jean super hero.
For Halloween night, we turned Oliver into "Little O", his rapper name. Yes, he was the littlest Beastie Boy, courtesy of a fun Puma tracksuit that was a gift from Grammy & Grandpa. Add some sunglasses, askew ball cap, and some bling, and he was set. And, for some reason, he kept his sunglasses on almost the whole time we trick-or-treated. That in itself was the real Halloween treat! Enjoy some pics of Oliver's fun with his pals Charlie, Noah and little Samantha Whaley to boot!

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  1. Ashley, Oliver is so handsome! So happy you are updating your blog again :) Hope you are all doing well!