Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween 2014

And we are off on Wednesday for a family road trip to spend Thanksgiving in Indiana! Wish us luck!

Oliver was the Red Power Ranger Samurai this year. And it is incorrect to just call him a Power Ranger (to save you from being scolded as others were). ;) Here is Red with his trusty steed, Preston.

Even Grandpa Jerry got into the spirit. Oliver LOVED Grandpa's costume.

Here is the trick-or-treating group this year. Maggie Griffith is Wonder Woman, Samantha Whaley is Glenda the Good Witch (it is incorrect to call her a princess, fyi.). Charlie Griffith is Captain America. And, Red Power Ranger Samurai, who refused to wear the correct mask trick-or-treating.

Yes, even Mom and Dad got into the act, per request of the Zerrs for their annual Halloween Party. Matt is Maverick (complete with authentic old-time beer ;)), and I am a KISS reject. Just kidding, I was Jem, the cartoon rocker from the 80's. And I was "truly, truly, truly outrageous!"

Thursday, November 6, 2014

OSU Homecoming 2014

It is November and I am not even posting about Halloween yet! We wanted to share with you pics from our visit to Stillwater during OSU's Homecoming weekend. You might be over all of the OSU photos by now - but we're not! :) No good parent or OSU alum should miss a chance to take their child to his/her first homecoming experience! Several of us from the Lawrence/Overland Park, KS area made it down for the "walk around" festivities on Friday night. The house decs were in their full glory, and cheese fries were had by all. We all had tickets to the game on Saturday. That was the only low point of the weekend! It was a great trip overall, and we even got to spend a short (very short) amount of time with Nana and Papa who drove up to hang out with O on Saturday night!

Obligatory house dec pic. I think this was in front of the Farmhouse fraternity. To be honest, they all look alike after awhile! Doh!

Oliver will ALWAYS stop for a photo with cute girls. Always.

Hotel room fun.

Game time. It was so hot. Too hot to make it past halftime.

Yes, we lost the game. But, at dinner (date night) on Saturday night, Matt and I received this fortune that made it okay. Thanks for Nana and Papa for entertaining Oliver in Edmond for the evening!

#1 Poke Fans!