Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween 2014

And we are off on Wednesday for a family road trip to spend Thanksgiving in Indiana! Wish us luck!

Oliver was the Red Power Ranger Samurai this year. And it is incorrect to just call him a Power Ranger (to save you from being scolded as others were). ;) Here is Red with his trusty steed, Preston.

Even Grandpa Jerry got into the spirit. Oliver LOVED Grandpa's costume.

Here is the trick-or-treating group this year. Maggie Griffith is Wonder Woman, Samantha Whaley is Glenda the Good Witch (it is incorrect to call her a princess, fyi.). Charlie Griffith is Captain America. And, Red Power Ranger Samurai, who refused to wear the correct mask trick-or-treating.

Yes, even Mom and Dad got into the act, per request of the Zerrs for their annual Halloween Party. Matt is Maverick (complete with authentic old-time beer ;)), and I am a KISS reject. Just kidding, I was Jem, the cartoon rocker from the 80's. And I was "truly, truly, truly outrageous!"

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