Friday, July 9, 2010

Coo Coo Ca Choo

Happy 4 Weeks to Oliver! 
Where does the time go? Straight down the Diaper Genie these days. :) Our little guy is changing every day. It truly is entertaining just watching him wake up to the world a little more each day. He started cooing at us this week and it is one of the greatest sounds ever!!!
Here are some of Oliver's current loves:
1. The changing table - Who wouldn't love their own personal hygiene service? (Don't answer that.)
2. His crib - He LOVES LOVES LOVES staring at the blue and white checks on his bumper (Ssh, yes, I have a bumper still on).
3. Outside - This just happened today. He must get this from his father, b/c goodness knows I am not an outdoorsy girl.
4. Milk - Duh.
5. Stretching across your arms with his head hanging back. I try not to let him turn too purple. ;)

Nana is here this weekend to help out (totally had to twist her arm to come). Matt is off to an overnight golf tournament in Manhattan, KS tomorrow (Saturday), and I am getting out of the house for the first "Girls' Night" since Oliver's arrival!

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