Sunday, March 13, 2011

9 Months!

I know it sounds like a big cliche, but I really cannot believe how fast the time flies. Seems like just yesterday I was complaining (again) about morning sickness, fat feet, and how gross chicken is. Now here we are with a beautiful, healthy, ACTIVE 9 month old boy! Oh, and chicken is no longer a mortal enemy. 
We go to the doctor for O's 9 month checkup on Tuesday, and Matt and I are very interested to see the stats. I was thinking that O had hit a plateau as he as not seemed any bigger for a month or two to me, but my word, this morning it felt like lugging around a ton of bricks! He has been a really good eater lately, and I think it's paying off.
We are mobile! 
Not exactly by crawling, but somehow he does not stay in the same place I left him 1 minute before. He is starting to get the hang of "cruising" when standing and holding onto something. It is both exciting and scary to see him taking such leaps of faith (sometimes literally) and hoping that his feet will do what he wants them to when he wants them to!
Our 7 year wedding anniversay is today. Vegas seems to think the number 7 is lucky, so fingers crossed our run of blessings continues on throughout the year!
Here are some recent pics of Oliver. He finally decided that teethers do have a functional use and are not just for throwing down. Another pic is at our friend Mia Kenkel's 1st birthday party. O loved hanging out with all of our friends.

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  1. Happy Late Anniversary! How can Oliver be 9 months?! I love the pictures! He is such a happy and smily baby. Love it!!! :)