Sunday, April 24, 2011

All Our Eggs In One Basket

Happy Easter! Oliver's 1st! These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of grandparents. Grammy Melanie & Grandpa Jerry visited us last week, and Nana Karen came up this weekend. Everyone is amazed at how aware Oliver is of ALL his surroundings. He can spot a non-child-proofed cabinet door from a mile away!
And, man is he fast! As evident in the pics below, I could not get a moment's pause to get a really perfect shot of him in his super cute Easter outfit (a present from the Youngblood relatives in Nashville. Thank you!). It was chilly this morning, so we had to put on an undershirt and socks for church.
For Oliver's first Easter, we started a new (hopefully annual) tradition. We headed over to the Clothiers house to share some yummy food with Noah's family as well as Charlie Griffiths (Mick & Stacia). It was a fun afternoon of food, friends, and egg hunting. O actually ate some deviled-eggs, greenbean casserole, cheesy potatos, and some ham. This was the most "real" food he's eaten at one sitting!
Oliver just loved watching Noah and Charlie wreak havoc everywhere. These three are definitely going to be keeping us parents on our toes for years to come. Good times!

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