Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Musings

So it's a Tuesday evening and I very much wish it was Friday again. The weekends have been so much fun around our house lately. This past weekend, it was Mother's Day, of course, which meant Sunday Funday for me. When my son is at his best, there is no one better, cuter, funnier or smarter. When he's at his worst, well...luckily he was not at his worst on Sunday! It was an easy, relaxing day with the fam, and we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon hanging out in the backyard. Sidenote:  I have big plans for our backyard. One day it will be one of those tranquil, exotic, "outdoor living room" masterpieces that I obsess over in home design magazines and websites. But, until that day comes, well, I make do with a plastic patio chair, mommy "juice" (as my son calls my Pinterest wine spritzer recipe of the moment), and a freshly mowed yard. Oh, and a handsome husband, energetic 23 month old, and a middle-aged Great Dane. Yeah, I'm blessed. (Insert sigh of contentment here.)
In sum, Mother's Day was good. Oh, and I have new hair. Oliver didn't even notice, which I take to be a good thing?!
One more note:  There is some soap-box brewing going on inside of me, just be warned. I need to organize my thoughts so they do not pour out in an insert-foot-in-mouth jumbled mess, so I will save them for another post. If you are interested, these thoughts have to do with the controversial Time magazine cover and the state of today's parenting-styles and various stresses of the working mother. I will try to avoid a tone of gloom and doom, but sometimes a little venting via the written word does a world of therapy for me! 
The future's so bright
Backyard fun
Mother's Day Message for Nana and Grammy
New Mom hair

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