Thursday, December 5, 2013


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving down in Oklahoma with Nana, Papa, Aunt Jennifer, and her BF Sasha (who valiantly endured several days of Oliver's nonstop chattering). It was a much needed break from the routine, and we saw more old friends and family than I have seen during a visit home in a long, long time. Matt and I even left Oliver there to spend some QT alone time with Nana and Papa so Mom and Dad could do the same in Kansas. :) Here are some pics of our visit and of the Wichita Mountains, where Oliver loved seeing all the longhorns (the nice, animal kind; not the yucky burnt-orange-crappy-football-fan kind), rocks, and all-around uniqueness that is the Wichitas.
'Til next time Oklahoma. XOXO!

Dear friends and hot mamas Amanda and Sarah.

Sasha and Aunt Jen try to wear out Oliver. I think the opposite occurred.

Cold at the top of Mt. Scott.

But on a clear day, you can see forever.

The sky's the limit, kid.

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