Monday, September 29, 2014

KU Homecoming Parade - Here comes the band!

Oliver and the rest of his class at preschool got to march in KU's Homecoming Parade down Mass Street last Friday. It was so much fun and they all did great. Oliver picked the sousaphone (I don't know what that is) and walked all the way from 13th street to 7th street! I got a few pics with him and his "girls" but somehow failed to get one with his BF Charlie. I'm hopeful someone got a photo they will share with us as Charlie was the band leader with a great hat and leader stick (I also don't know what that is called. My general knowledge of marching bands is seriously lacking).  I am pretty sure the Jayhawk brainwashing has been signed, sealed and delivered after this event. Le sigh. Oh well, at least it means Oliver will be close by when he goes off to college. ;)
Marching and waving.

Got the politician wave down!

The naughty TX player that was in a "time out"

With Izzy and Ayana (who go back and forth as his preferred gf depending on the day).

Ayana was winning this day. ;)

Until the KU cheerleaders came along. Always a ladies man.

Showing off his moves for Ayana.

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