Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's 2015, but we've gotta finish up 2014 first!

Okay, we leave in 2 days for a week's vacation to sunny Florida and Disney World! WOOHOO! I absolutely cannot be more excited. I know you are already on pins and needles waiting for pics of this epic trip.
But first,  here are some pics of our time spent at Nana and Pa-Pa's house in Oklahoma. We were there for several days over Christmas (Santa figured out where we were), and Oliver stayed by himself several more days! It was a great, memory-making visit full of family and fun. It even snowed on the day Matt & I headed back to KS. I can't tell you the last time I've seen Lawton covered with that much snow.

Santa brought a drum set per request. It was an electronic drum set with volume control. Santa ain't stupid. :)

Putting together a Christmas toy - that I don't think he's played with since. 

Just eatin' some breakfast, readin' the paper with Pa-Pa. How we do. 

Oliver made his snow man right after Mom and Dad headed out of town. Hence, we weren't there to supervise against the OU hat!

Wichita Mountains - rivaling the Rockies for sure. ;)

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