Friday, September 3, 2010

To The Left, To The Left

12 weeks!
Well, we all survived my first full week back to work (by we, I mean me). Just barely. I miss my baby! But, enough wallowing. I will say that finding time to blog is becoming harder and harder. Even harder is remembering all the clever things I want to write down but forget by the time I actually get to sit down at the computer.
Oliver has been one active boy. We have been going to physical therapy the past couple of weeks because he does not like to turn his head to the left. But, he is doing much better and the therapist said we probably don't need to finish out the whole 6 weeks that were initially recommended. He will turn his head just fine on his own - he just doesn't really want to. And REALLY doesn't like it when you turn it for him. So, we've been making his whole world be to his left for the past couple of weeks, and it seems to be working!
He is also doing much better at tummy time - like a turtle out of his shell! And, the biggest change right now is that he likes to face out in order to see what's going on. He is taking the world in and looking around all the time.
We are one week down with Grammy Mel and Grandpa Jer helping out. They have more energy than we do, that's for sure! And, Aunt Meghan comes to visit today. This will be her first introduction to Oliver. Can't wait to see them bond.

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