Sunday, October 31, 2010


October is over. I can't believe it! All of us made it through the first month of daycare! Oliver is now an old pro at the morning routine. He is usually super snuggly and laid back in the mornings when I drop him off and it is extra hard to hand him over when he is being so cute.
Grammy Melanie and Grandpa Jerry are visiting right now. They always seem to bring new toys and clothes for Oliver with them. We are going to run out of room /closet space before too much longer. Oliver is chatting up a storm with them. They are amazed at how much he's changed since they were here just 6 weeks or so ago. He is looking more like a little boy than a baby these days.
Jerry and Melanie have been great at letting Matt and I have a weekend of "Parents' Night Out" - almost too great, in fact. I am out of shape when it comes to partying it up. I will need the grandparents to leave so I can have an excuse to stay home with the baby and get to bed at a decent hour. :)

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