Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gadgets, Gizmos and Giggles Galore!

You might have noticed one of the pics from the last post that had Oliver smiling from a weird position. What exactly is it he's doing?, you might have asked yourself. Well, if you are like me, you are thoroughly confused by all of the baby toys out there today. It seems like the more sophistiated the toy, the quicker the baby is bored by it. I had been wondering what the next big toy for the next stage should be, when one of Oliver's teachers mentioned that he likes the exersaucer type thing at daycare. He is still a bit little to take full advantage of all these cool jumpers/exersaucers have to offer, but he is definitely interested. So, last week I went and got one for him. It is a jungle theme and has a ton of activities to keep him occupied, err, I mean, to develop his motor skills! :)
So, below are some pics of our latest and greatest space taker-upper. Other toys that Oliver is into these days include a sing-along book from Grammy and Grandpa, his swing (still, thank goodness), but he doesn't fall asleep in the swing anymore these days; he just likes to talk to us from it. He is getting more into teethers, but makes a face from the plasticky taste they all have. He will chomp on your finger too, if you let him. He still loves to watch his mobile go around above his bed. And, he still does a bit of floor play on his ocean activity mat, but we use that more for tummy time and working on rolling over nowadays. He is not a fan of rolling over. Well, to be more specific, he is not a fan of being on his tummy, so he will whip himself over onto his back really fast, but only after you get him to a certain point on his side. So, we're working on rolling over quite a bit.
In food news, we have graduated from rice cereal to oatmeal, and he is a champ at eating, so far! Of course, his bibs always look like they've been through a war zone by the time we're done, but more of it goes in him than down him (I think).
Oliver has been really "into" Mommy this week. I have gotten TONS of smiles and giggles out of him. Almost without trying sometimes. It is doing really good things for my ego, and I am loving it! Daddy is a little jealous, which is understandable, but gets enough of his own smiles to be a good sport about it. I am definitely not taking this attention for granted, because I know there will come a day when he just wants to hang out with Dad and do man stuff. I would like to point out, though, that just Mommy and son watched football together today for a long time before Daddy joined us. ;) Go Pokes!

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