Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Not-So-Silent Film!

P to the teradactyl!
This blog entry was originally going to be all about our busy weekend with friends visiting and Oliver's first tailgate, BUT, a fun development happened that moved up on the must share priority list. Little Oliver had a major giggle fit and we happened to capture it on video. Finally! Not only that, we managed to successfully upload it for your viewing pleasure. :) I like to call him our little pteradactyl these days because of all of his shrieking. He is definitely entertained by the sound of his voice.

More Firsts
Okay, now to the not-as-visually thrilling but still pretty interesting stuff:
This weekend, my dear sorority sister, Heidi came to visit and meet Oliver for the first time. Also, the OSU/KU football game was here in Lawrence, and some other old college friends came into town for it. It was quite the mini-reunion. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I was a bit under-the-weather, and couldn't quite live it up to the extent the others did (POKES can party!), but still managed to have alot of fun catching up with old friends and showing off Oliver.
So, Oliver not only braved a chilly November Saturday morning for his first OSU tailgate (total domination on the field by the Pokes, btw), but he had his first non-relative baby sitter Saturday night while we parents/adults went out to dinner and drinks to celebrate life, love and loving life in Lawrence! And, if that's not all, he tried his first vegetable. So far, peas have received a less than enthusiastic response. I blame Aunt Heidi, who disclosed to Oliver her life-long dislike for the little green roly polys.
Whew! This week brings us Thanksgiving, with much to be thankful for. Stay tuned to find out how Oliver's first plane ride and visit to Indiana goes....


  1. Loved the little dinosaur! That was awesome!

  2. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!! Thanks for sharing that giggle. :)