Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap!

Hello Blog World!
So much to write, so little time these days. Does anyone else feel like the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's is one long, crazy sprint??? We must remember to catch our breath and reflect on how special the holidays are, especially when we have SO much to be thankful for. Okay, enough Stewart Smalley rubbish.
Indiana On My Mind
Oliver took his very first plane ride last Wednesday. It was a success! Well, I should say Oliver was a success. The actual plane ride, well, not so much. I am not a good flier and any sort of bump or dip makes my whole body tense. As in, I'm pretty sure at the end of any given flight, you could lift me up and I would stay in the same hunched, sitting position with my hands spread out into claws digging into my thighs.  Sooo, the "weather" we experienced while flying to Indie at 9:00p.m. had me a bit jumpy, to say the least. Good thing Matt held on to Oliver the whole time so my stress wouldn't transfer over to him. But, we made it safely, and after a long car ride (yes, not only did Oliver fly for the first time, but he experienced his first rental car), we arrived in Union City, IN/OH to visit with Grammy Melanie's side of the family. It is a LARGE family at that, at least compared to my side, so there were tons and tons of new faces for O to meet. Between all of the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandmas, we parents pretty much had a baby-free holiday! He enjoyed being passed around, and fell in love with all of the Christmas tree lights twinkling at him. Thanks to Matt's cousin, Lori, who had like 6 Christmas trees in her house, I am going to have to really up my decorating this year.
I am skipping over a ton of our trip in Indiana, for which I apologize. I can only fit in so much during naptime. But please know that we had a great time in Union City, and really enjoyed being there for Oliver's first turkey day (he had green beans for his holiday meal, btw; which he devoured).
Indiana x 2
Allright, moving on to the second half of our trip: Back in the rental car to drive a couple of hours down to Columbus, IN to visit Grandpa Jerry's side. We stayed with Oliver's Great Great Aunt Ginny (I think that's right), and again, Oliver was treated to a parade of new faces, and found more Christmas tree lights to get excited about. And, it was during this leg of the trip that Oliver decided it was time for him to start sitting up by himself! He became a different baby from just the start of the trip to the end. It was alot of fun watching him expand his horizons by leaps and bounds over the course of just a few days.
But, I digress. In Columbus, we dropped into a really neat place, straight out of the 1950's. Zaharaco's is a real, live soda shoppe that has been totally refurbished. They were decked out for the holidays, and we had fun taking Oliver's picture there.
Okay, to finish the recap, I will let you in on the most special memory of the trip - seeing four generations of families together in one place! On both sides, we had Great Grandma, Grandparent, Father and Son all together. Something to treasure.
Enough words. To the pictures we go!

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