Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Ears Have It (and they don't want it) :(

Six Months
Let's start this week's blog update on a positive note. O is 6 months old! Half a year. He's almost been living outside in the world as long as he was inside! Squash and carrots have both been a hit at our house this week, and he is getting better and better at sitting up by the day. I believe "Dada" has popped out of his mouth a few times this week too. You can say he doesn't know what he's saying all you want. I know he is very advanced. ;)
First Illness
We had another first this week, although it was not a good one to have. Oliver has his first ear infection. Boo. He had a fever off and on for three days and when we took him into the doctor, she took a half second look into his ears and said, "Yep, ear infection. Both ears." So, the poor boy is all drugged up. He has been in surprisingly good spirits, considering. We are just crossing our fingers he (and we) will get some good sleep tonight. Nana Karen came up this weekend, and it was really good timing to have her here to comfort him and share her wisdom in dealing with past earaches and sick babies. Matt and I went to the Griffith's annual Casino Christmas Party on Saturday night, and I definitely would have felt way too guilty to go had Oliver not been in Nana's capable hands.
Hopefully, he is already on the mend and will be good as new quick, quick, quick.
We go back to the doctor on Tuesday for our 6 month checkup, so if he wasn't sick of doctors already, Tuesday's shots will definitely do it!

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