Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Mad Grab

We've had three snow days in the past two weeks. I am so sick of this white stuff and it's only January! Of course, b/c of all the snow, I've had more time to spend with Oliver, just hangin' out. What I have learned of late is that we have run out of toys to keep a 7.5 month old entertained for more than two minutes. He is now too big/old for the swing, the bouncy seat, and the activity gym-mat. Yikes! Looks like Babies-R-Us will be getting even more of our money here shortly.
Hanging out has been alot of fun, though, and it's given Oliver a chance to test out the hands-on way to say "hey look, Mom/Dad, what's that?" Coffee cups, computers, oatmeal bowls, green bean containers, eye glasses, socks, diapers, remote controls, lip gloss, etc., etc., etc. You name it, he'll grab it. The good part is that he doesn't get mad at all yet when you take something out of his reach, b/c there is always something else right there to grab at instead! His life is one big game of keep away right now, and he's loving it!
Nana and Pa-Pa got to experience all of this fun first hand when they came up to visit this weekend. They are going to be scheduling a visit to the chiropractor after lugging His Heaviness aound for two days!

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  1. Come on, Ashley! If he's going to grab things you have to take him down more exciting aisles than the diaper aisle! ;-)