Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Break's Over

Miss us? Well, we have not had much time to miss anybody the last couple of weeks! Matt and I took our annual Christmas-time trip to Florida to visit Jerry and Melanie. Only this time we had a new relative in tow. Oliver's first time to Ft. Myers could not have gone better.
It was smooth sailing/flying on the way down; the weather was great; Aunt Meghan was there (with some great gifts); and another First in the form of a visit to the swimming pool was made.
Grammy and Granpda were wonderful hosts as always. And made for wonderful babysitters too! I got to sleep in every morning until around 8:00. It was amazing! They had tons of friends swing by to meet the famous but never-before-seen grandbaby. Matt got in a few rounds of golf, although in the end he may have lost money to ol' Grandpa Jerry. Bonus - we got to see some great friends who have moved to Jacksonville, FL as well. Cory and Crystal drove 5 hours to hang out! It was great to see them and definitely has me thinking that there are worse things out there than a move to sunny Florida.
New Year's Eve was low key for us "kids". Matt, Meghan and I (Oliver couldn't make it past 7:30) stayed in and watched a movie, while the grandparents went out to party it up. Quite the reverse situation from just a year before.
The journey back to KS was a little challenging than coming out. Mostly because Oliver was VERY awake and just wanted to play. Playing for him involves lots of high-pitched shrieks of the eardrum-piercing variety, so the last leg was definitely a little tense for us. Luckily, there was what looked to be a 18 month old little girl who was NOT having a good day - thereby removing any passengers' glares from our direction and swinging them over toward hers.
Now we're back to the grind. Oliver has his 6 month pictures tomorrow - only 2 days shy of 7 months!

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