Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year, A New Word(s)

We have been talking up a storm around our house these days. The words are coming fast and furious! True, Matt and I can only understand 1/4 of them, but still, it is awesome to see how Oliver's little brain is firing away putting together words with meaning. To date, I think his vocabulary has quadrupled within the past two weeks! Some new faves:

Wall - (sounds like wawh)
Elmo - (sounds like Melmo)
Water - an early word with many progressions to date (sounds like wattee right now)
Duck - (hey, we've got a winner - sounds like duck!)
Mine - (sounds like mine)
Nose - (sounds like no)
No - (also sounds like no, and is said ALOT)
Belly - (sounds like beddy)
Fish - (sounds like ish)

Okay, I will stop. I could go on but I realize even the most patient grandma might have limits on the number of almost words that come out of my child's mouth on a daily basis these days! 

We are off to Florida on Friday for a week of fun with Grammy, Grandpa, and some quality time for Matt and I in Orlando during his annual vet conference. Woo woo!  
Peace! (sounds like peash). :)
Here is a pic of Oliver practicing watching his new DVD payer with headphones. We are crossing our fingers it keeps him at least a little bit occupied on the airplane!

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