Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oliver's Big Weekend, Plus - The Basement is Finished (more or less)!

This past weekend was a busy one for Oliver. We had Charlie Griffith's 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday afternoon, where Oliver got to run around like crazy and play with (read take) Charlie's presents. Then, on Saturday night, Oliver and Noah Clothier had a play date (while the adults watched the KU/MU basketball game) and Oliver got to run around like crazy some more! Then, on Sunday, we had friends over to watch the Super Bowl, during which time Oliver got to... you guessed it, run around like crazy! Bonus for us, we finally have our basement finished (minus some decorating/asthetic touches), so we got to utilize the space for the kiddos on Sunday. They seemed to have a blast. Below are some photos from before the mass chaos ensued.
                                          O & Noah (Sorry, I did not get a pic with Charlie)

Worn out!

                                         Basement stairwell (family photo from Ft. Myers beach!)
       Basement Playroom!
Playroom storage cubby I put together myself (and if you know me, you know this is a HUGE accomplishment for someone who only ever got checks or minuses on report cards for following directions)!

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  1. Nice! Phoebe and I will have to come over to babysit one of these evenings so we can all run around like crazy in the new basement!