Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hooray For Grandparents!

Nana & Pa Pa came to visit this past weekend. It was a quick trip for them, as it is a 6 hour drive from good old Lawton, Oklahoma to Lawrence, KS. The weather cooperated nicely, and we were able to get out a bit and check out the Prairie Park Nature Center (perfect for little ones) and go down the slide at South Park for a few minutes, before indulging in ice cream at Sylas & Maddy's (and let's be real, I was the one who wanted ice cream more than anyone!). Oliver has been saying "Nina & Bah Bah" ever since my parents left on Sunday. He is their #1 groupie. Here are some pics from outside @ Prairie Park. We saw an eagle, a parrot, iguanas, tarantulas, turtles, snakes, prairie dogs, and lots more critters native to the area. Lawrencians should really check it out if you haven't already! Oliver's favorite is the kitty cat that roams around the joint (perhaps to keep certain uninvited critters under control).


  1. Love the last pic! We will have to check it out!

  2. Glad Matt FINALLY took my advice and took Oliver to the Nature Center. It was the ultimate "go-to" place for us when Phoebe was little. When the weather is nice, you can hike the nature trail all the way to Mary's Lake which is super-fun! They also do birthday parties.....:-)