Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Son Of A Daughter Of A Sailor

Nana & Pa-Pa came to visit this past weekend. And, they brought a surprise with them! Actually, two surprises. First, Aunt Jennifer came with them. Her schedule is always so hectic that it was awesome for her to have a moment to relax enough for some family time. O & she got along pretty well, although he has something against the name "Aunt Jen" or "Jen Jen" or "Jenny", as he refused to say pretty much any variation of her name. Oh well, there's always next time! My parents also came up in their new car. They bought a Prius and it's really funny to picture them tootling along in it in Lawton, OK! They are probably only one of three people that own a hybrid in my hometown. :) Lawrence is rubbing off on them!
Oliver had a great time with Nana and Pa-Pa. And, that allowed Mama and Dadda a night out.
We went to see Jimmy Buffett  in concert in Kansas City. It was our first "parrot head" experience, and I think it was a success. There was MUCH people watching to be done - next time we will have to attempt more adventurous costumes. That's about it for the excitement this past couple of weeks.
Life is pretty full these days even without special events plopped in every now and then. Both Matt & I are just in awe at the new words that come out of our son's mouth every day. He is at a really fun (and demanding) age. In fact, this week he has started saying "Matt" every so often when he wants to get Dadda's attention. What is THAT all about?!!! I try not to giggle but it's really funny. Just as long as he doesn't start calling me by my first name!

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