Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We love Lawrence!

Hi Easter Bunnies,
Spring has sprung and has blessed us with some fabulous weather in Lawrence lately. It also brought us March Madness, which ended with a bang here in Lawrence. True, the Jayhawks did not bring home the title, but they got darn close, which made for some fun weekends watching basketball! Matt & I hung out with some friends downtown on Saturday to watch KU beat Ohio State. We left Oliver in the capable hands of some ex-Stepping Stones staffers who are awesome baby sitters. He had his own celebration, hanging out with Noah Clothier and one of Noah's friends (who shall remain nameless, b/c I did not get a release from his parents but am posting his photo). He had a blast trying to keep up with the bigger boys. We got the cutest photo of them from the sitter, shown below. I also managed to get a pic of Mass Street right after KU won. It was sheer madness - but luckily nothing got too out of hand, that I heard about anyway. There is also a pic of Oliver enjoying the nice weather and checking out his new balance bike courtesy of Aunt Heidi.
Easter is next week. Can't wait!

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