Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life's first challenge (or opportunity?)

We are in the midst of the dog days of summer, as you are all experiencing yourselves, no doubt. I am so over seeing triple digit temperatures! Hopefully, if history repeats itself (and the record-setting highs quit. Just quit it already!), our part of Kansas should start to see some cool down at the end of this month. That may just be my wishful thinking. Summer has always been my favorite season - until this year!

We have had many a weekend spent at a pool in Lawrence; either at the massive, outdoor public pool, the outdoor wading pool for little kiddos, or at our good friends the Gudgells' neighborhood pool (a godsend, fo sho). Oliver will be sad when it is too cool for the pool, but hopefully other fun fall activities will make up the gap - let's hope he enjoys watching football half as much as his daddy.

O last weekend at the Lawrence wading pool. That look on his face means he's about to do something he knows he shouldn't!
This past Sunday, we spent the morning at a new outdoor spot. Lake Mary. I didn't know Lawrence had another lake besides Clinton, but turns out they do. And it's purty. The walking trails were a tad, um, under-marked, shall we say, so we ended up taking a MUCH longer hike than we intended. Poor Preston didn't move a muscle the rest of the day! Oliver didn't either. Ha! Yeah right. We're only building up his stamina at this point, I'm convinced. That child doesn't wear out for nothin'!

Lake Mary or Mary's Lake

Great pic!

Preston was camera shy.

Anyways, the title of this week's post relates to the changing of the guard at daycare - Stepping Stones. Oliver's bestest buds are leaving him for bigger and better rooms. Both Charlie Griffith and Mia Kenkel are moving to the "Pre-1" room, which is the start of Stepping Stone's preschool program. Oliver keeps saying he is moving rooms too, but alas, he is not. Not until October at the earliest and then maybe even not until December. I see this as a chance for potty training to really kick into high gear. I tell him that once he learns to go in the potty and keep his underpants dry 100% of the time, he gets to go to Pre-1 too.
So far, this message appears to be falling on deaf ears.
But, at least he will always have playdates to continue to spend some QT with his friends. We had one this past Sunday at Mia's house, and it was a blast to watch the 3 of them play (sometimes not so nicely) together.

I don't at all like hearing the wistful tone that pops up when O speaks of his friends going to Pre-1. I know, I know, I am trying not to be a helicopter parent and just ride out this tough life lesson!

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