Friday, August 31, 2012

So much for August.

Aaack! I'm so behind on blog updates. Please forgive me! This month has been a straight sprint from start to finish. I don't even know what I have or haven't shared with you, so sorry if some of this is a repeat.
We'll start with our visitor log for the month of August. In 3 consecutive weekends, we had Grammy & Grandpa -aka "Peeka" Coles come and stay, and then Aunt Meghan came, and then Nana, Pa-Pa & Aunt Jenny came to visit. Whew! There was lots of showing off and ABC singing, and pottying (much to all of our amazement)! Of course, I, being the forgetful mother that I am, did not capture any of these fun moments on camera.
I also had a birthday in the last few weeks. Oliver has been singing "Happy Birthday to Mama" ever since the 18th and I must admit, I dig it. I can definitely get used to getting the birthday treatment from him all year long! :) Okay, okay: He also sings Happy Birthday to his friend Charlie, himself and our dog Preston as well, so I probably shouldn't feel too special.
Other Oliver highlights this month: He had a couple more play dates with friends, watched Daddy play soccer, ate out with the "Big Dinos" at the T-Rex Cafe (2nd time in 2 months), and broke the car door from a little too much enthusiastic pretend driving. Oops!
We are ready for college football to dominate the weekends. Somehow I have to figure out how to make watching a 3 hour game entertaining for a 2 year old....Go Pokes!
Oliver's first self-styled outfit. Yes, those are socks. Orange socks. With sandals.

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