Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Season's greetings!

I hope you like the new blog look! I have long lamented the fact that I do not have either the time or the talent to really get the blog design how I would like it to look. Enter Blogs For A Cause, which is a great little one-woman show that designs blog templates for a donation to a charity that rotates monthly. Also, part of the proceeds go to her own personal humanitarian causes, which right now is a trip to India. Win Win!

We have had the BEST time this Christmas season. Oliver is so excited by anything Christmas-related. He has enjoyed watching the old-school clay-mation Rudolph TV special, knows pretty much all of the words to "Jingle Bells", "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town", and says "Santa baby"often and for no reason at all. He loves looking at Christmas lights as we drive by and points out each house that has something lit up. He knows Christmas is Baby Jesus's birthday, and tells me he is giving me "sugar" for my present.

The Elf thing is sort of working. He really enjoys finding the Elf's new spot every morning when he wakes up, but half of the time when we remind him that we are going to have to tell the Elf about whatever latest bad behavior has just happened, O spits out, "I no want Santa come my house." So, that's how that's going. :)

Here are just a few recent pics. The first is a video of Oliver telling Pa-Pa he is a "silly burger." We have now attached "silly" to just about any moniker - silly kitty cat, silly elf, silly mommy, etc. Next is the Elf in all of his Elfish (Elfin?) glory. The third is a picture of one of my two new dining chairs! Hooray. Thanks for the monetary Christmas gift Mom & Dad. I can now remove the plastic outdoor patio chairs from my dining room. Yes, sadly, that was true. You can take the girl out of Lawton, but....;) Oh, also, I apologize for the slightly blurry tinge to all of my photos. Our camera quit on us, and my iPhone is just not up to snuff. Maybe a new camera will make its way down the chimney this year. Or next!

I doubt I will have time before the big day arrives, so here it is: Merry Christmas to All! I hope everyone out in blogland has a joyous and peaceful holiday. We will be in Florida visiting Grammy & Grandpa Coles so Santa is going to come twice - once before we leave and while we are there. My son is not spoiled in the least!

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