Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas, Part 1 (of many, many parts)

Happy New Year! The Mayans didn't get us after all. Now maybe my husband will ease off on the need to get a generator for "just in case." :)
Gosh, the holidays were once again a whirlwind of activity. Starting with a snow day just a few days before we took off for Florida, Oliver has had an exciting few weeks.
Have you ever noticed that little ones have no sense of extreme temperature? Like, the kid's fingers are about to fall off and he's still digging into the snow trying to make a snowball. This December is really the first time he's ever had the opportunity to really play in the white stuff, and he has definitely made the most of it.

We had "family" Christmas on Saturday the 22nd. Oliver got to open presents from Mommy and Daddy. Or, "mom" and "dad" as he is more often calling us (what is up with that?)! The big gifts this year were a scooter and helmet, and a tent. He was really excited about all of them, but here 2ish weeks later, and the main gift he is still "into" is his stuffed Brobee that was in his stocking. If you don't know your Yo Gabba Gabba, well, I can't really even begin to tell you what a Brobee is. But, I am jealous of your ignorance. :)

So, that was early Christmas. Then, it was off to Florida and the land of much needed sunshine and Grammy, Grandpa/Peeka, and Aunt Meghan so Oliver had ALOT of attention. While the weather was not as warm as it has been in previous Christmas-time vacations to Ft.Myers, it was definitely alot better than whence we came. So, we sucked it up and had a glorious time at the pool and the beach, and Matt got in some golf with Jerry (and I'm pretty sure lost money to him), and Oliver, Grammy and I went to the Naples Zoo. Oliver was fearless in the pool. A little too fearless, but my hopes for creating a future Michael Phelps have not been diminished by this trip, that's for sure!

Oliver says the zoo was his favorite part of the trip. My favorite part is and always will be time spent at the beach. I am a beach girl through-and-through. Santa did come to Florida, and we even got to see him on Christmas Day, riding down the street on a golf cart and handing out gold coins (don't ask. I have no idea why.) There will be more pics and video of Oliver opening up his presents on the 25th, but as they are all on the iPad right now, at home, while I am here, at work, (ssh!!!), I will make you faint with anticipation on more Coles Family Christmas to come on the next blog update!

One more piece of excitement on our trip came in the form of beer. Yes, that's right, beer. Or, bier. So, my dear husband heard about this unique Belgian beer brewed by monks that made it's way into the U.S. on a very limited basis. I'm going to get most of this story wrong, but you will hopefully get the gist. So, these monks only make small batches of this award-winning, amazing, yadayadayada beer at their monastary and only sell enough to subsist on. Well, I guess they are needing to do some renovating so they decided to make a bigger batch than usual and export it for the first time ever to a few select distributors who in turn chose a very few select liquor stores in the U.S. There were none in Kansas or Missouri picked, btw. But, guess where one lucky liquor store was picked? Have you guessed yet? Ft. Myers! So, Matt calls his father, and Jerry not being one to back away from a trip to the liquor store (Ha! Joke. Big joke!), said, sure. Well, by the time Jerry arrived, the store only had like 15 cases left, after receiving a shipment of like, 90 earlier that day. The price of a 6 pack? A mere $85.00. I would have loved to have seen the look on Jerry's face when we got up to the register. :) That did come with 2 complimentary beer goblets, in case you are wondering. Anyways, I am devoting way too much commentary to this beer that I don't even remember the name of, so long story short, Matt had to have a "moment" to savor and celebrate this beer, and even Oliver was able to get into the act. No worries, there was no contributing to the delinquency of a minor on this trip (that I know of).  It was a fun experience, but as for whether it was worth $85.00, well, I'll let Matt answer that question!

That's it for now! Cheers to 2013!

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