Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where is Spring?

There's a chance of snow on Thursday. Really?! I think the Groundhog has it in for us. My child desperately needs a good dose of outside play time in the sunshine. We have had a good March despite the cold weather. Matt and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary on the 13th, and Nana and Pa-Pa came to visit us this weekend. Pa-Pa brought his DIY home project skills with him, and he and Matt installed brand new bamboo floors in our living room! Hooray! Move over carpet - here's something greener! :) And, Nana was instrumental in entertaining the boy and keeping him away from all the action. It is so nice to not have my eyes travel directly to the many yucky carpet stains anymore. Pic below. Even Preston seems to be a fan. Oliver has already bit it by sliding a little too out of control across the slippery surface.

In less life-changing news, Oliver got a haircut on Saturday. He is always pretty good when it comes to getting his haircut, and this time we chopped ALOT off! He likes his "spikes".
St. Patrick's Day was a wash for us. It was cold and yucky outside, and Matt was busy with the floor inside, so I'm not even sure any of us remembered to wear any green. Here's to using some of that luck O the Irish to bring on Spring!

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