Monday, April 1, 2013

Eggcellent Easter!

Our dear friend, Amanda Gudgell, commented yesterday that it seems as though God always makes sure Easter weekend is nice weather. I agree! We enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend with great friends and kiddos. Oliver got to hunt Easter eggs twice, once at church, and at once at the Gudgells' house where we had Easter dinner with the Griffiths. (We missed the Clothier family this year as they were en route to Oklahoma for the holiday.) Hooray for seersucker, plastic eggs, delicious ham (and I'm not normally a ham fan) and yummy bellinis (frozen peach juice as ice cubes in champagne. Seriously, it's divine.)! Easter 2013 was a success.

Oliver is officially a candy fiend, and turns into a disaster when he has OD'd on the stuff. Sigh. I guess that means I will have to take one for the team and eat most of the chocolate bunnies when he's not looking. :)

 Waiting for "Go!" at Church with Charlie.

Gah! So big!

Off and running!

Quite the thorough inspector!


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