Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well, the beginning of April started off pretty normal, but things got interesting in a hurry!

For starters, I have a new job! No more commuting to Topeka! Working at KU! Using my law degree! Loving it! How many exclamation points can I use at one time?!!!!!!!

Leaving Topeka also meant leaving my gym where I have taught Zumba for almost 5 years! That was a hard one. I am already teaching at a new gym in Lawence - Pilates once a week and Zumba once a week, but I do miss my T-Town Zumba regulars! Those peeps get fired up for class.

You would think that no commute would mean we can all sleep in a little later in the mornings, but that is not so. By keeping the morning schedule exactly the same, I now get to work....gasp! on time. So, Oliver has been completely unfazed by this job change, which is great!
Okay, enough about me!

Oliver started swimming lessons at the beginning of April. He seriously loves it. He has the biggest grin on his face from the second he hits the water and that gorgeous smile stays put the entire lesson. I will have to get some video next time to share with you all the Michael Phelps of the 2028 Olympics.

Aunt Meghan came to visit two weekends ago. She has been all over the world recently for her glamorous job as a consultant, and she brought back a soccer uniform from Brazil for Oliver. He is obsessed with it and has tried to wear it every day for two weeks. Every day. Nevermind it's been cold as crap here lately. Thanks, Aunt Meghan! :)

We are off to the Omaha Zoo this Friday for our very first family "vacation". True, it's more of a jaunt than a real honest-to-goodness trip, but we are really excited about it! Lots of pics to come of this latest adventure.

Aunt Meg and the jersey to end all jerseys.

Team Brazil! Gooaaaallllll!

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