Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am sorry that I am perpetually 2 weeks behind in blogland (at least). It makes it really hard to remember all the good stuff to tell you! I will try to hit the highlights of our very first family vacation! (Vacation just for fun anyways - not traveling to see family).

We picked April for our trip to the Omaha Zoo, b/c, well, we wanted to make sure we went before it got too hot. Well, we definitely beat the heat! It was freezing! As all of spring has been! But, that was really okay, b/c it turns out the Zoo has a ton of indoor exhibits. We stayed at a Holiday Inn downtown that had an indoor water park. It was perfect for entertaining an almost-three year old!

Things we learned on this trip:
1. The Omaha Zoo is great! But you know what, for its size and price, the Topeka Zoo is pretty great too!
2. Oliver still needs naps.
3. Nebraskans are big. Like, just big in general - height, stature, girth. I mean, I know there's alot of cornfields there, but jeez.
4. Oliver will sleep in a sofa bed all by himself just fine. All through the night!
5. The aquarium at the zoo is AWESOME! Favorite thing.
6. IMAX 3D movies are entertaining for about 20 minutes (of 40) to an almost-three year old - at least when the movie is about butterfly migration.
7. Oliver does not like root beer (weirdo).
8. Omaha's Old Town area was really nice and had lots of restaurants and bars that looked nice.
9. Don't go out to eat in Omaha's Old Town area on prom night.
10. I love family vacations!

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