Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yes, that's right. Oliver has traveled to 3 different states within a two month period! And the latest adventure was done all on his own. Nana Karen came up to Kansas and took Oliver back to the Oklahoma prairie with her. This was Oliver's first trip away from home without his mom or dad around. He did great! Six hours one way in a car is no joke, but Nana reports he did fabulously. He even spent a day longer than scheduled down in Oklahoma, as Nana and he were supposed to come back to Kansas on Monday, May 20th. THE May 20th. As in, Moore Tornado May 20th! The risk of severe weather was too much for me to stomach that day, so I told them to stay put. I am so relieved they listened, as their travel route involved going directly through the area hit! I didn't get many pics from this solo visit, save for a nice one Pa-Pa Ken sent of a tarantula Oliver found right in front of their front door one morning. Apparently, tarantulas are regular visitors to Nana and Pa-Pa's. Err, I'll be staying in Kansas awhile, I do think!
O with Great-Grandmother Dorothy and Great-Granddaddy Ken

Other recent notes include the purchase of a water slide on steroids for the backyard. I'm not sure why I thought this should be a necessary purchase, but man, it just screams fun. Fingers crossed it doesn't rip any time soon. Oliver and Noah Clothier have tested it out, and they give it two thumbs way up! Charlie Griffith will get his turn on it this weekend.

And, last but not least, I am finally posting a video of Oliver during a swimming lesson. He really does almost have it all figured out. And his grin from ear to ear has totally captivated his instructor. Every time they have a lesson, she tells me how cute he is and how happy it makes her to see him enjoy the water so much.

The BIG 3rd Birthday Party is NEXT Saturday! I can't believe it. Stay tuned for those details!

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