Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lots of firsts!

This July has been a flurry of fun for us. A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of going on the 1st annual "Girls Getaway" trip with 8 other lovely ladies. We drove to Table Rock Lake near Branson and stayed at the beautiful Chateau on the Lake hotel. It was my first ever true spa experience. Heaven! And, while the moms were away, the dads and kids REALLY got to play! Oliver went on his first "camping" trip with Matt. They and several other dads and kids whose wives/moms had left them for the weekend arrived at Kamp Kenkel on lake Perry for some outdoorsy fun. There were kid-size and adult-size 4-wheeler rides, an inflatable water slide, a campfire, hot dogs, s'mores and orange soda, and real live tents to sleep in. Oliver LOVED it. I probably will never know the full story of everything that went on at Kamp Kenkel, but it's clear that the men in our lives are fully capable of keeping our kiddos happy and mostly healthy (just a few scrapes and bug bites came home with O) all by themselves. Whew! :)
Oliver also got to go on a boat and watch his dad water ski and wakeboard. It's now #1 on what he wants to do when "I get bigger like my dad." So cute.
Last weekend was another first for me: First Pearl Jam concert experience. PJ is Matt's favorite band since like, forever, and when they announced they would be playing at Wrigley Field in Chicago this summer, well, it took Matt all of 5 seconds to buy those tickets. It was a great time (rain delay and all) and we had a whirlwind weekend being tourists in our old stomping grounds. Oliver also had a great time at home with Nana. When we walked in the door on Sunday, she told us her ears were tired. That would be b/c Oliver did not stop talking the entire weekend. The description "chatterbox" really doesn't do him justice.
Matt goes to Dallas this weekend for a get together with friends from high school, so we will see what kind of adventures Oliver and I can come up with while he's away!

Real Housewives of Northeastern Kansas (and Milwaukee)

New floaties!

First s'more!

Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley!

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