Friday, September 27, 2013

All things September

Ahh, the great outdoors.
We had our first soccer practice experience a couple of Saturdays ago. It went great! Oliver and his BFF Charlie (they act like brothers - which is both good and bad) are on the same "team". It's pretty much like herding cats at this age. Oliver is pretty driven at coming in first in everything he does, so it's already evident he will be the kid laying out other kids flat if they get between him and the ball. I really have no idea where he gets this trait from (cough, cough). We have also enjoyed our first apple picking experience out in the country. The countryside around Lawrence is very pretty this time of year. But, I will say, country folk are just different. Very nice. But very different. I like the mix of city-living with the proximity nearby of life slowed-down. It's nice to visit the country. I just wouldn't want my only mode of transportation to and from my house to be a tractor (one from the 1940's at that.) Speaking of old tractors, Oliver and Matt also took in an antique tractor show the other weekend, also out in the "country". I am told there was a memo involving overalls and motorized wheelchairs that my family missed somehow. Oliver loved the event (and discovered there is a tractor brand named after him)!
Kickin' it with his homie.

All smiles all day!

Now, you would think looking at this photo, that Oliver really enjoyed his time spent picking apples.

And this one as well. Boy, he sure did have fun, huh?

Well, the two photos above were taken right near the end of our time at the orchard. The majority of the time there was spent whining, not listening, falling down for no reason, and refusing to pose for photos. Like this one.

Oliver, meet Oliver. 

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