Monday, October 14, 2013

When Mom's Away The GP's Play!

The other weekend I flew off for a whirlwind visit to Colorado so I could catch up with some dear old college friends. While I was gone, Grammy & Grandpa came to Kansas to spend some QT with Oliver. And it sounds like they had just the best time! Oliver had a birthday party at the pumpkin patch that G&G got to experience, they got to see the KU Homecoming Parade, they got to see Oliver's complete domination at bowling (I think this was b/c he refused to let anyone else have a turn), and they got to cheer on Dad at his soccer game.
Looking stylish at the patch!

Cheering on Dad. Hmm, notice the difference b/w Oliver's attire and Jerry's????

This past weekend, Matt, Oliver and myself had our first trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. It is only a 30 minute drive down I-70, but it is definitely a different world inside! Oliver loves anything to do with water, and combine this with two of his favorite friends on the planet (Charlie Griffith and Noah Clothier) and he was in heaven. I think Matt enjoyed the water slides more than he expected to. As for me and the other moms, well, we tried to spend as much time in the family-friendly hot tub as possible! Oliver really likes going to hotels in general, so I plan to be peppered with requests to go back for a long time. I'm sure we will enjoy more stays at the GWL, but I'm hoping he will be big enough next time to go on all the rides himself, and then I really will be spending the entire time in the hot tub (the adults-only one at that)!

O is a big fan of all the bear-related decor at the GWL.

Action shot shooting out of the slide tunnel. Oliver LOVES fast slides that go through pitch-black tunnels. WHO is this kid???

The Wrecking Crew.
The just warm "Hot Tub".

And last but not least, Oliver commits 2 rule violations in under 10 seconds. 1. Cuts off the poor little girl moving too slow in front of him, and 2. Goes down on his stomach (not allowed per GWL lifeguards)!

Next update will likely be Halloween related. Fingers crossed the screaming zebra from last year will not make another appearance! See 2012 Halloween Blog Post for those enjoyable details.

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