Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We took Oliver to his first Royals game the other weekend - along with 5 other families. The kids all had a great time. There wasn't much game watching on our end b/c Oliver loved hanging out in the Kid Zone (or whatever it's really called). They even had a mini-K baseball field where you got to swing at 5 balls and then run the bases. Oliver killed all of his balls, but he really loved playing int the outfield the most. It took an ice cream bribe to bring him off the field.
Next weekend brings our first family Sporting KC soccer game. Hopefully that will be a success too!

Running the bases

Bustin' a move in our seats

The gang's all here: Oliver, Charlie, Noah, Bobby. Not pictured are Waylan and the girls: Samantha, Madeline, Maggie, Isabella & Nory

Stretching before his turn up at bat

Kiss Cam! :)

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