Thursday, June 19, 2014

Turning 4 is awesome!

Here are some more highlights from Oliver's birthday month. Grammy and Grandpa came and brought new golf clubs with them for Oliver's birthday gift! And, the kid can hit! He's a natural! Now we just have to work up the nerve to take him out with us on an actual round at the course and see if his interest can hold for at least 9 holes! :)
Oliver also got a "new" bike for his birthday. Well, it's new to him anyways. Matt's business partner has taught 3 kids how to ride on this bike, and was kind enough to loan it to us for kid #4! Oliver is eager to pedal downhill, but is kinda lazy when it comes to pushing uphill. We are working on it (He may have his mom's genes when it comes to bike riding).
Aunt Meghan came to visit us the latter part of Oliver's birthday week - and she gave Oliver a new soccer goal and ball to hone his skills. There have been lots of goals scored already and has come in handy during World Cup '14 Fever (but why does it have to last a WHOLE month???)!
And, last but not least, Nana and Pa-Pa chipped in to give Oliver a big boy bed for turning the big 4! Oliver adjusted right away and loves it. I am still adjusting to seeing him in an all-growed-up bed in the mornings. Where does the time go (sniff, sniff)???

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