Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's All Fun & Games Until It's Time To Pick A Name

The Wacky World Of Baby Names
The quest of finding a name for BC has begun. I pay much more attention to any name I come across in a book, magazine, tv show or movie these days. Matt and I have made a list and are in the midst of checking it twice. The latest dilemna:  To tell or not to tell? I find the pros of telling are to call "dibs" and let everyone know that this name is MINE! Of course, I've had others tell me that this is also a con, as once you let the world know, someone else who would never have thought of that name now will steal it and unveil it as their name too. All of the sneakiness and mystery gives me a headache. Rest assured, whatever we decide, the name will not be among those below. Seriously, celebrities are NOT like us!

Pilot Inspektor         (at least spell it right for crying out loud)
Audio Science         (hope he's good at math)
Tu Morrow              (they wanted to go with Yes Terday but it just wasn't catchy enough)
Jermajesty                (Jer joking, right?)
Kal-El                      (err, I've got nothing for this one)
Blanket                    (he tries to stay out of the rain most days)
Moxie Crimefighter (b/c who doesn't love a comic book hero in their life?)

21 Weeks
Quick! Quick! There's some quickening going on in here. I am starting to feel BC move around. It's exciting and disturbing at the same time. I know we've all seen Aliens with Sigourney Weaver and I think you can find the similarity pretty easily. Still, it's nice to be able to answer all of the questions with a "Yes! I am finally feeling the baby move!" :)
Also, BC is the lenth of a carrot this week. I just hope he's a little fatter around than one.


  1. I completely understand why people don't share names until the baby is born. You might change your mind last minute like we did. Angelina Jolie stole our boy name, Knox, Ha! It is the cross street name by our house. Oh yeah that is good place to look for names, street signs. I always looked as we drove through neighborhoods. And I would look for city names on maps too.

  2. That's awesome that you're feeling movement! The Alien thing gets way worse as you get toward the end though. There were several times last weekend when I thought Mia was going to push her way out of my stomach. Good luck with the "tell or not to tell" decision. That was a tough one for us. I went with the calling dibs theory, and it has, luckily, worked out for us. But be forewarned that if you don't tell, Annie might kill you.

  3. I thought we had agreed on "Navin"?!

    And for the record, "Kal-El" is the given name of Clarke Kent, aka Superman. Doesn't make it any better, just thought you might like to know.

  4. Oh gosh, Alli. That sounds a little scary! And that makes it worse, Matty. Because now Nic Cage isn't as much of a looney as I thought he was (in this instance only). I can't judge anyone for taking a name based on a fictional tv/movie character, as I like Finn from Great Expectations, and I really do like Locke! :)