Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spanx For The Memories

6 Months!
I can't believe it. I've been pregnant for half a year. Where does the time go? I thought I would mark this occasion by looking back on one of the funnier moments of pregnancy. But, first things first. Here is another installment of the oh-so-sought-after Bump Watch.

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
So, I don't think this story has officially been re-told blog-style, and it's definitely a good one, so here goes:  Back around 8-ish weeks along, Matt & I decided it was finally time to break the good news to the parents. We had this marvelous idea of taking a picture of Preston with a sign around his neck that read "I'm going to be a big brother in about 7 months." We thought we'd email it to our parents, and then call them and tell them to check their emails.
Jerry and Melanie were the first to be called. Not only had Matt emailed Preston's picture to them, he
also sent it to their cell phones. Anyways, he called and talked to Jerry, and told him we sent a funny picture of Preston to their phones as well as email and they should check it out. After some chit chat about the weather, Matt hung up with Jerry, and it was my turn to call Ken & Karen. I talked to my mom and repeated the instructions that we sent them a funny email picture of Preston and they should check it out right away. She said "okay", and that was that.
Now, it's 30 minutes later and Matt and I are sitting on the couch staring at our phones and wondering why NO ONE has called us back yet! NOBODY! What else did they have going on on a Thursday night anyway? Finally, after maybe another 7 minutes, Melanie calls Matt and the hoopla commences. Turns out the picture via cell phone still hadn't made it to them (it might still be floating around in space to this day), and Jerry decided to take their dog out for a walk before getting around to sitting down at the old computer. Anywhoo, Matt's parents tell us how Melanie screamed so loud you could hear her down the street when they finally opened our email. So, they are thrilled, needless to say, and we eventually hang up with them. And yet, NOTHING still from my parents. What on earth is taking them so long? So, I call Mom back. She answers, sounding very sleepy. Below, I have provided a reenactment of our exchange, and also the infamous picture of Preston, our unwitting accomplice:
Me:  "Mom? Were you asleep?"
Mom:  "Hmm? Oh, I guess I dozed off for a minute?" (Mind you this is around 9:30 pm at this point in the night.)
Me:  "So did you open the email we sent you guys?
Mom:  "Um, well, I told your father to..."
Me:  "Well, did he?"
Mom:  "I don't know. I'll check.  Kenny?"(shouting at the other room)
Dad:  (from other room) "Yeah?"
Mom:  "Did you open Ashley's email?"
Dad: "Yeah."
Mom:  "And?"
Dad:  "It says they're getting another dog."
Say what????!!!! Oh my poor father. It's a good thing he doesn't have to, like, solve problems and piece together bits and pieces of evidence for a living. Oh, wait....
Now, to be fair to Mom & Dad, they figured out the news pretty quickly after that little bit of confusion and there was lots of excitement and joy (and perhaps still disbelief) to go around!
Anyways, it was a pretty funny evening, looking back on it. Or, maybe you had to be there.

24 Weeks
If you're still reading, this week BC weighs just over a pound, and is the size of a...wait for it, wait for ear of corn. That's just about a foot long. It's very odd to hear about something growing inside of you that can now be measured by feet!
And ears, so it seems. :)

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  1. Goes to show you that you can always count on your parents for a good laugh! Ashley, pregnancy "forgetfulness" is just like we "O.F.'s" (old farts)have quite often,,,now you can better understand us! ha! Although Matt has inherited his mother's lapse of memory disease....God help you!
    Ever so popular BC has a "HUGE" FT Myers FAN Club!!!...the "O.F." FT Myers Groupies can't wait for BC's arrival, they are just sooooooooo happy for ole Jer & Mel to be Grandparents!
    Love you, Grammy & Grampy-to-be, Jer & Mel