Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So this is what the fuss is all about!

One Wild Weekend
Hello blog world! Needless to say, it's been an eventful few days. I don't have alot of wit in me right now due to some sleep-deprivation, so bear with this somewhat jumbled recap!
Friday, June 11th, 5:45 am - Wake up to roll over, and POP! Water breaking. And breaking. And breaking. Niagara falls comes to mind. I wake up Matt. He immediately goes into Operation Roundup Hosptial Necessities mode.
6:45 am - Roll into hospital - get checked into delivery room. Contractions beginning to get a bit uncomfortable. Dilated to a 4.5 at first check.
7:15 am - Ask nurse when she comes in again if I have to specifially tell them that I want my epidural now or do they just automatically know that. Because, you know, pain is becoming a factor preventing me from enjoying this "birth experience".
7:30-9:00 - Best not to relive this part, as it basically just involves me being incoherent and concentrating on breathing and not putting my fist through a window -or someone's face. Making lots of dilation progress though, so that was good.
9:15ish - Anesthesiologist FINALLY makes his appearance. Praise Jesus!
9:30ish - 1:30ish - Life is sooo good. Just hanging out waiting on the little man of the hour/day to arrive.
1:30 - Dr. Mercado checks in and says we are getting close to getting this show on the road!
(BTW, Dr. Minderman, my actual OB, was out of town. Of course.)
2:19 pm - Last push and Oliver is here! He took a big gulp of fluid right before he decided to make his entrance, so they had to work on him for awhile to get his lungs and color right.
And he's been perfect ever since!!!!
Now, this is all from my perspective. I will have to have Matt be a guest blogger sometime to tell you his side of things. I do know that he was pretty excited to get to watch alot of the World Cup all weekend since he didn't have to work! Oliver was born during halftime of the Uruguay/France game, which was respectful of him.
Grandparents R Us
My parents were able to get here literally right as I was delivering. I think the Judge broke a few traffic laws on the way up from Oklahoma, but managed to avoid any tickets (that I know of).
Jerry and Melanie couldn't get a flight until Saturday, and rushed to the hospital about 24 hours after Oliver's birth. And they couldn't get enough of him! All of the Grandparents were super helpful and - thankful? Melanie told me "thank you" a few times I believe! :)
The good stuff
Okay, enough of a recap. Here is what you really want: Pictures!

More to come when I have another spare and lucid moment!

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  1. Thanks so much for the blow by blow of how it happened! I love to hear delivery stories! And love the pics! He is so nice and bundled up!