Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 2: More Firsts

To Blog Or Not To Blog?
You might notice in the blog header that I originally started this blog to keep everyone updated on the pregnancy. Well, the pregnancy is done (yea!), so I am left with the decision on whether to continue the blog now that Oliver is here and kicking our butts (in a good way, of course). Don't worry, I will give everyone fair warning should the blog be discontinued, but for now, I will try to keep on sending out weekly updates with pictures of my cute baby. Because there really can't be too many baby blogs out there, can there? :)
Week 2
This week saw lots of action. For starters, Matt and I were on our own (Nana departed on Sunday) for a few days until Grammy Melanie and Grandpa Jerry arrived on Thursday. I fear the rumors are true: New parents really don't get much sleep in the beginning. But, we are lucky in that Oliver seems to like sleeping in his crib - alot. In fact, sometimes he reminds me of a hibernating bear - wake him up at your own risk!
We took our first family walk, and everyone did great. Preston seemed to be just fine keeping pace with a stroller, and Oliver, well, he got so excited about his first walk that he promptly slept through the whole thing.
We had several friends drop by to bring us dinner a few nights, and we really appreciated the adult company and delicious food. We are so blessed to have a great community of friends here in Lawrence. They are definitely a necessary support group.
We also took Oliver out for his first public appearance. We stopped by Matt's office to show him off to some of the clinic gals, and we weighed him on the doggie scale (okay, it's a cat scale too, but I'm not a cat person so they usually get the snub from me). The scale showed that not only has Oliver gained back his birth weight, but he is actually OVER it already - one reading showed 8.2 lbs and another showed 8.4 lbs. Woo hoo (go Mom)! He is quite the piggy when it comes to eating. Grunts and squeals and all.
Oh, and then we also took him to the Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Hey, we're all about keeping it real here in the Midwest. :)
Onto the fun stuff
Here are some pics of the past week:

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  1. Ashley - I don't blame you for not wanting to blog! I think my blogging days are coming to an end soon too! But somehow you will have to keep sharing pictures of you little guy because he is really cute!