Sunday, June 6, 2010


38 Weeks
Yes, that's right. Friday marked 38 weeks of pregnancy. Had I not been so diligent about keeping track of all these weeks, I would believe it if someone told me I have been pregnant for years. Years! The weekly doctor's visit was disappointing - if only b/c Dr. Minderman announced there is no change. No further progression. No good guess on when I will go into labor. It's comforting to know we can send things to space, clone animals, cure horrible diseases, and yet not have a clue about what's going to happen from one day to the next during pregnancy.
I managed to fit in two movies this week. I've received this same piece of advice from several people - to go to the movies as often as possible in the remaining weeks, b/c I will not have the chance to do so for a long time to come after baby!
Check, check
I'm winding up all of the loose ends on the To Do List. There's not much left to finish up now:
1. Attendance to all pre-natal classes offered at hospital - check
2. Car seat installed properly - check
3. Hospital suitcase packed - check
4. Nursery decorated - check
5. Baby books read - check
6. Baby necessities purchased - check
7. Baby clothes, blankets washed - check
8. Fighting with insurance on weekly basis for screwing up pre-natal doctor visits - check
9. Husband with his own pregnancy brain situation going on - double check
10. Having the conversation with your doctor at 38 weeks about the likelihood of inducing after 7 weeks of bed rest for preterm labor - PRICELESS!!!

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