Monday, May 31, 2010

We Are Fam-ily!

Happy Memorial Day!
Just got done spending the weekend with my family. We celebrated Mom's 60th birthday with some good food and conversation - and a surprise visit from Sister Jen who flew in to help get the party started. Dad and Matt got in some golf, plus did manly stuff like figuring out electrical outlets and doing some heavy lifting around the house. I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time, although there was probaby some disappointment that Oliver did not listen to everyone's repeated pleas for him to come out and play while they were all here.
37 Weeks
So, on that note, happy 37 weeks to me! Oliver is considered full-term, and still taking his sweet time. Matt and I are now discussing when to ask the doctor about the likelihood of having to induce! I had the weekly doctor appointment on Friday and everything looks totally fact, it's like all of my pre-term labor symptoms never existed and the pregnancy has been on track the whole time. Mother Nature is so weird! Of course, now that there is no danger of delivering too early, and I am free to move about and go here and there and wherever, I have absolutely no energy! I am feeling every bit of Oliver's 6 lbs 11 oz. weighing me down with every step. You would think with this getting this great workout all the time, we pregnant chicks would come out of childbirth in better shape than before.

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