Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Bump Day!

9 Months
So, you might have noticed I've been a little lazy with the blog lately. Yeah, sorry about that. There's just not alot new to report on these days. It appears as though Oliver may have settled in for a long winter's nap! I do have a new bump pic to display for your viewing pleasure, and in fact, think I will do a recap so we can all see how much Oliver has grown (and me) over the past few months.

You might also be wondering why I do not have the same long-sleeved grey shirt on above that I usually do in the bump pictures. My response to your query is:  So sue me. It is really freakin' hot and humid here this week and the thought of trying to squeeze myself into that shirt one more time makes me want to throw something. Oh, and I might be a tad hormonal these days. ;)
Now, here is a moving montage in descending order of size (feel free to play your own background music while perusing):

Well, apparently I only started taking these bump pics at 5 months along. This last pic is from Halloween, where I was pregnant, but no one else knew! Hey, when else am I going to be able to post a photo of our award-winning costumes?!

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