Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shower time!

First up - Shower Power!
WOW! What a weekend. There was alot of activity at our house the past couple of days. I supervised most of it from the couch. Both Matt's parent and my parents were up, as well as Matt's sister, Meghan. Why? You might ask. Well, there was a little event thrown by my fabulous friends this weekend, and our families didn't want to miss it. We had to cancel the Lawton shower since I can't travel, and I was very diligent about doing as little as possible this week in order to ensure I would be able to attend the Lawrence baby shower.
It was interesting to have such a full house. Poor Preston didn't know what to think. He already needs one of those beepers for when he backs up to give him clearance, and this weekend, there was stuff (and people) everywhere so he had even more difficulty maneuvering around. Of course, his daily breakfast of eggs a la Chef Jerry did alot to make up for his lack of space, I'm sure! 
The shower was so much fun and it was soooo nice to get out of the house and socialize! I even put on makeup! Don't worry, I was forced to sit on Emily's couch the entire time, but it was still much more exciting to sit on her couch over mine - which is rapidly showing signs of a permanent dent from the one spot I sit on all the time.
Here are some pics of the shower. This may be the most pictures posted in one blog entry ever, so enjoy!

First up:  Here is the cute diaper cake my talented mother made for the Lawton shower. She brought it up and it survived the drive!

And here are pics from the shower. Five wonderful friends hosted it and they were definitely the hostesses with the mostestes!

More exciting news
The nursery is very nearly complete! Our friend Angie, who is an amazing artist, was commissioned to produce some original artwork for the room. We coldn't be more thrilled with the results! Thanks, Angie!

The artist herself at the shower, with some of the other girls from the Animal Hospital Of Lawrence (thanks for coming, everyone!):

And last, but definitely not least...
33 weeks! Woo hoo! One more week and we should feel confident that we can deliver at Lawrence Memorial Hospital (babies born before 34 weeks are transferred to Overland Park's NICU unit - about an hour away). This next week will probably crawl by in anticipation of hitting this next milestone. But, hey, we've already come this far, baby! 

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