Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, back to the Dr. we go!

Introducing James Cameron's future Avatar VI: Revenge of Pandora's Box star:
Yesterday was our weekly doctor visit. I'm happy to report that, once again, I am no further progressed. I'm beginning to wonder if my body was just playing a practical joke on me the other week to start all this bruhaha. But, regardless, good news all around yesterday. At our sonogram (sadly, yesterday's will probably be the last one we get), I must have looked suitably pathetic, because the tech actually did some 3D pics and gave us a few for FREE! Sshh!
So, below is a cute close-up pic of Oliver's face. (Oh yeah! We have a name. Did I mention that? :) More on that in a bit.) Anyways, So the pic is of his face, and he's actually scowling at us. Also, he has a foot right up there at his face. And I do mean right up there. The image is kind of distorted, so his foot looks like something out of a horror movie, so try not to look at it too closely. Looks like Oliver is quite flexible. Hopefully he gets that foot out of the way when he decides to grace us with his presence!

What's in a name?
As I casually mentioned above, WE HAVE A NAME! Matt and I feel like we exhausted every possibility and combination and kept coming back to one:  Oliver. Meaning: Elf Army. Yeah, we try not to dwell on that piece of history. Not that we aren't fans of Lord Of The Rings and all but...Anyways, we just really  like the name, and hopefully, he will like it too and grow up to hate us for something other than his title. I kid, I kid.
Anyways, full name:  Oliver Welman Coles. Welman comes from my family. It was my Grandpa's middle name (Dad's side), and Grandpa apparently went by Welman over his first name growing up. My oldest cousin on Dad's side, Ben, also has it as a middle name. There was some debate over whether it is spelled with one "L" or two, and lo and behold, it is just the one.
So, now you can all come up with whatever variation you would like to call him. Doesn't matter to us. There are several fun nicknames we have already come up with:  "O", "OC", "The OC", "ODub", "Ollie" (bor-ing), "Olls Well" (as in "all's well that ends well" - Thanks, Heidi). I will probably just call him Oliver. Or most likely "Hellion" in a few years.


  1. I think I'll call him "Legolas" to go with the whole "Elf Army" thing. Kidding, only kidding!! Seriously, the name and the pic are great; Phoebe can't wait to teach him how to play Wii! :-)

  2. I think I'll have to go with "The OC." Classic!